Red Orka is a sustainable baby wear brand that cares deeply about doing better for our planet and future generations. As a circular business, we offer baby rompers exclusively through a unique, sustainable subscription model. A revolution of baby rompers has started, welcome to the Red Orka movement.





Our Story 

Men on a baby mission

Hi, I’m Erik Ammann, the grandson of Heinz Ammann, the well dressed man you see in the black and white picture. Our story goes back to 1957 when my grandfather, Heinz, started his company Sanetta in Albstadt, Germany. He wanted to keep babies safe and warm so he started producing baby rompers.

about Erik Ammann

Rompers of great quality, long lasting and already back then it was very important to him to use only the best and natural materials. The production still exists and the rompers are still being soled till this day.

After two generations, it’s my turn to provide a better baby romper for today’s parents. Although our family is doing a good job for years, I decided to take it one step further. How? By thinking circular. Because that’s the only way to slow down climate change and truly take care of our planet.


About the idea

A lot of friends of mine recently became parents. And while we’re discussing about organic clothing for their newborns, the lack of good quality was still an issue. They just keep buying new ones, and new ones. The result: a waste of clothing, and a waste of money. So I, Erik Ammann, decided to succeed my grandfather Heinz Ammann and father Kai Ammann, by committing myself to a more sustainable, accessible, and healthier product for my friends. And their newborns.

What’s in the name

Red Orka translates to ‘save energy’. Red = ‘save’ in Dutch, and African. Orka = ‘energy’ in Icelandic.

That makes us energy savers.To create a healthy future for our children. Sounds pretty cool right?


Over the last decade, our ecological footprint has increased dramatically. However, we still have a chance to turn that around and make a difference. For Red Orka that means starting with the future we create for our children.

We believe that great products and sustainability can coexist peacefully. Our mission is to produce sustainable rompers and thus reduce short-term use. By minimising the energy and natural resources required, we strive to leave only the smallest baby-sized footprint on Mother Earth.

About The Red Orka Team


Mother Nature

It’s our friend Nature who gives us the playground we all love so much. And therefore she is happy to help the team of Red Orka to take care of her for future generations. Her wisdom goes back centuries, so we like to listen to her sound advice.


erik ammann about

Erik Ammann

Founder of Red Orka
Grandson and son of. Erik has fallen in love with mother nature at a very young age. And they have been inseparable ever since. He loves mountaineering, sailing, climbing, cycling, hiking … wherever he is.


about kai ammann

Kai Ammann

Product Manager
Father and son of. He dedicated his whole life to raising Erik Ammann, and taking care of others as well. The thing his father taught him. In his free time, he loves to connect with nature by sailing her oceans.

Robin Kühn

Marketing Intern
The man, the Myth, the legend behind the great photo shots. you will catch him together with his older sister traveling around Europe enjoying great local food.

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