Red Orka is a sustainable baby wear brand that cares deeply about doing better for our planet and future generations. As a circular business, we offer baby rompers exclusively through a unique, sustainable subscription model. A revolution of baby rompers has started, welcome to the Red Orka movement.






Our Story

…Our story goes back to 1957 when Erik’s grandfather, Heinz, started his company Sanetta in Albstadt, Germany. He wanted to keep babies safe and warm so he started producing baby rompers.

Rompers of great quality, long lasting and already back then it was very important to him to use only the best and natural materials. The production still exists and the rompers are still being soled till this day.



Our mission

Red Orka translates to ‘save energy’.
Red meaning ‘save’ in Dutch and Afrikaans. Orka meaning ‘energy in Icelandic.

Over the last decade, our ecological footprint has increased dramatically. However, we still have a chance to turn that around and make a difference. For Red Orka that means starting with the future we create for our children.

We believe that great products and sustainability can coexist peacefully. Our mission is to produce sustainable rompers and thus reduce short-term use. By minimising the energy and natural resources required, we strive to leave only the smallest baby-sized footprint on Mother Earth.

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