How does it work?

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When your baby grows, as part of our subscription service, we’ll make sure your baby always has the romper size they need. By reusing the rompers we avoid short-term use and give our rompers the longest lifetime possible. Our rompers are washed at very high temperatures to ensure excellent hygiene standards, so they’ll be as good as new for your baby to wear. All in all, we want you and your baby to enjoy each romper optimally.

How does it work?

Actually, it’s pretty simple! You rent a set of rompers with the guarantee that they are clean, hygienic and in perfect condition. Choose a size from 44 to 104 and you are ready to dress your baby with a good conscience.

Choose a size

Choose the size that’s needed to begin with. From there, you’ll receive bigger sizes as your baby grows.

Unsure which size you need?

Check out our size guide to see which is the best fit for your baby.

When do you get the rompers?

We advise you to order your rompers 2 weeks before you expect to be needing them. We’ll have them delivered to your door to make it as easy as possible.


What will you receive?

In the delivery box you will find a Red Orka canvas bag with inside the rompers in the ordered sizes.


Our subscription is monthly, and starts when you order is proceed for your first batch of rompers. With the first payment we activate a monthly direct debit meaning you’ll be charged monthly. If you ever change your mind you can easily and swiftly stop your subscription with us.




If for some reason a romper you receive is incorrect, you can send it back and we’ll make sure you receive the correct size at no additional cost.

Need a new size?
Send us an email at or a Whatsapp at +31 6 341 145 65 and we’ll send the new sizes your baby needs. Once you receive the new rompers, put the ones your baby no longer needs in the Red Orka baby canvas bag and send them back to us. And so goes the circular sustainable cycle!

In what condition do you receive the rompers?
We work with the best natural materials and ingredients as possible and always:
– Check the rompers for quality and wear and tear
– Check that there are no big stains
– Wash the rompers at 95 degrees so they’re as clean as can be
– Ensure the rompers are good to wear for the next happy baby

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