We offer products that have been made with attention to quality

Because you know, the better the product, the longer it lasts, and the fewer new products need to be made.

We do this here in Europe at the company of Erik’s family business they have been producing high-quality baby clothing since 1957. This starts with the selection of the material. We use very high-quality cotton from turkey which of course is organic.

Other steps throughout the production are essential as well. We have modern machines that shrink the products which gives them a longer life span and also makes sure that you can wash them more easily. Also, we educate all our employees on the highest standards of cutting & sewing things together.

Through our rental service, we make sure that every item is used optimally.

With our rental subscription, we are offering these amazing products to a more affordable price so more people can afford great quality and well-made products.

Repairing, patching and dyeing

We find creative sollutions to extend the lifetime of your favorite items. We work together with Amsterdam based atelier United Repair Centre.


For us, this means that all outworn, soiled or unwearably damaged clothing will return to fibers and be re-used for a new textile production line.

Recycling is a pretty new phenomenon and there are only a handful companies that can do that. We chose to work together with the Boer Group. It is a Dutch company specialized in making fibers out of post-consumer garments (garments that have been worn by consumers)