Better for your baby and our planet

 But our world has changed a lot since our grandfather started. Economic prosperity has affected our planet. That’s why Erik Ammann, yes grandson of, started Red Orka. To offer you a baby romper that is not only better for your baby but also better for the planet. Made from 100% organic GOTS certificated cotton. And offered on a rental subscription basis, to ensure that each romper is used optimally.

A better baby romper is…


Because we love nature.

And if we don’t treat nature well,

we can’t share it with our children.

And grandchildren.

That’s why we don’t use any harmful chemicals.

Or toxic pesticides.

It’s just not us.

We do use 100% organic cotton.

And special sewing techniques. 

To minimize textile waste.

…a rental one

Something you can pass on.

Like old times.

The more we reduce short-term thinking,

the better it becomes for the long run.

And that’s just what we are trying to do.

Reduce our energy.

Every day.

So we can make our carbon footprint,

the smallest on Mother Earth.

We mean baby-size.

…one growing

Fact: babies grow.

Faster than you can think of.

No worries, we have your back.

To ensure you always have the right size.

And fit.

Long sleeve.

Short sleeve.

You name it.

Just give us a call.

And we deliver it at your door,

before you even need it.


And by circular, we mean circular knitted.

Because we hate side beams.

So there aren’t any.



It feels so soft,

that you probably want to try it yourself.

Baby’s first.


Because no one likes smelly babies.

Our rompers are washed at very high temperatures.

To ensure excellent hygiene standards.

Trust us, they will be as good as new.

Or even better.
Not convinced?

ask one of our many customers…

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