Organic & sustainable baby wear

If we don’t treat our planet carefully and consciously, we won’t be able to sustain the quality of life we have now for our children and grandchildren. That’s why Red Orka’s rompers are made with 100% organic cotton and used on a circular subscription basis to ensure that each romper is used optimally. We also apply special sewing technique that minimises textile waste.


To us, organic means being in harmony with nature and part of a circular economy. When you choose our sustainable baby wear, you reduce your environmental impact – because the energy and natural resources needed to make the romper are less when it comes to organic cotton. And once your baby grows out of the romper, we clean it to exceptional hygiene standards and reuse it to make another baby happy! The more we make sustainable choices like this, the more we do good for our planet. 








sustainable baby wear


4 reasons to choose sustainable baby wear:

  • Organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic pesticides or genetically modified organisms. 
  • When you choose to use organic cotton you spare your children the exposure to these harmful substances and ensure a safe and healthy sleeping environment.
  • The production process of our sustainable baby wear avoids harmful substances, which protects both wildlife and the workers
  • We only work with socially responsible producers and providers – ensuring all those who make Red Orka rompers earn a fair income. An environmentally friendly production, requests on social responsibility are high. This will enable producers to earn a fair income
  • Organic substances contain no allergenic.


Create the perfect use for a baby rompers lifetime and beyond. For every romper being worn by a new baby, we reduce the footprint on our planet. The longer we can use and reuse a romper, the more we are working towards a better future. 


The GOTS certification guarantees that the highest social and environmental standards are met throughout the whole production chain – from farming organic cotton up until the romper is worn by your baby. 

Functional design & purposeful production

Each Red Orka romper is sewn per baby size. Our rompers are highly comfortable and sustainable. Our production process minimises textile waste. The perfect solution is #seamlesscomfort. 

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