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Red Orka was born out of the motivation of leaving as little as possible behind. To have the smallest footprint possible. This is the part we play in trying to leave a better world for the next generation and the generation after.   

It's no secret anymore that fashion is polluting. So polluting, you are probably tired of hearing it over and over again. If you’re not tired enough, watch this:


For a big part of people, fashion is something they use to express themselves. As much as this is true and important, it is also a tool for fast fashion retailers to sell their fashion collection month after month. And if one does not participate, he or she is not up to date. is not part of the collective fashionista movement and so on.

Don't get me wrong, I really like fashion as it comes and as it is created out of a unique experience of a person or organization.

This is why we do offer brands that all have individual designs. Fast fashion doesn't only take designs from brands that put their heart & soul into a product, they use cheap labor for their profits and therefore create unhealthy working conditions. 

This is the brutally honest truth about the current situation and we are here to change this together. We are going to explore all the beautiful collections and brands that exist and bring them to your doorstep.

This is our core, our DNA, our vision of a better world. These challenges are welcome, and we make it even more fun like our name:

Red = ’save’ in Dutch and African.
Red Orka Logo

Orka = ‚Äėenergy‚Äô in Icelandic.

That makes us energy savers.



We believe that  everything is energy.

Cotton does grow through water and sun, energy will be invested into harvesting the cotton and creating yarn. Many beautiful people put their precious energy into creating a textile or a product for someone's kids. So many people are working here and they need to be respected. 

By renting baby clothing, we not only extend the lifetime of a product, but also make it more affordable to you. Quality of clothing is essential, so items can be enjoyed for the longest time possible.

Red Orka romper in the wind

This Blog is not here to make you scared about the future of your child, no no no... it is here to combine reality with the possibility of change. 

We know sustainability isn’t easy. Parenting either. Besides saving nature's energy, it would be great to save some of yours too. As a parent, and as a conscious human being, it can be overwhelming to keep everything in mind. We will chat about circularity, tips and tricks, lifestyle as a parent, and what’s behind the curtains of Red Orka. This way, we will bring some support and above all fun to this journey of parenthood & sustainability. 



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*Featured Photo by Liviu C. on Unsplash
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