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    All babywear we offer is sustainable and ethically produced.

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    By using the packaging from Re-Pack we reduce our carbon footprint.

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    Enjoy your favorite outfits and make memories together.

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    When your little one outgrows a size, order new babywear and send back the outgrown items.

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Our mission

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world.
With it's production yearly of over 80 billion items world-wide and over 100.000 tons of textile waste in the Netherlands only it contributes to a lot of harm to the environment.

This is far from ideal. We feel a strong motivation to change this.

We proudly present our circular sleeping bag

Innovative fabric, concious design, local and inclusive production, optimally used through our renting platform, part of a sustainable circular textile program!

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Top 5 FAQ

What happens if a clothing item gets damaged or soiled?

It happens. We are all human and life is messy, kids should explore.

Insurance is included in the rental price. We will take care of repairing, deeply clean or recycle the item.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs: € 3,95
Returning after 2 month, we charge € 6 shipping costs.

returning after 3 month, shipping costs are for free.

With orders above € 50 we'll take care of the shipping costs

When can I expect to receive my order?

Orders made before 15.00 are shipped the same day.

Are used baby clothing any good?

No, they are the best! We ensure that each item is carefully checked on size, wear and tear, quality and stains. If it doesn’t fit our high-quality standards, we make sure to recycle the fabric for new quality products.

Which sizes do you offer?

We offer size 44 until 110

What parents say about us:

Shinta Lempers, mom of two. Writer and founder of The Real Heal Mary

"Red Orka fits our family perfectly.

We are constantly minimalizing and creating space in our house and minds. Keeping piles of old clothes doesn’t serve us.

We are very critical when it comes to sustainability, and the circular aspect of Red Orka appeals very much to us."

Gabrielle Koster, mom of Indigo

"Babies grow so quickly and wear rompers a very short time before they need a bigger size again.

Renting rompers is genius and appeals a lot to me. You do not consume unecesary ammount of raw materials and you are not left with a closet full of unused clothing."

Thalita Kalloe, mom of Malía and Ava

"I experience the contact with Erik as very pleasant. He is really the soul behind the company and that is reflected in the company itself. You notice that there is real passion behind it."