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Mosie sleeping bag

Mosie sleeping bag


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Red Orka sleeping bag; Made to make a difference. 

Innovative fabric By engineering the fabric structure with a combination of lyocell, we were able to increase the amount of recycled cotton from 50% to 80%. Increasing softness without losing quality & durability.

Thoughtful design Normally 15% of total waste comes from cutting during the production process. We saw an opportunity for innovation, together with Makers Unite we developed a pattern that reduces this waste to only 2%!

Local and inclusive For the production of the Red Orka sleeping bag we teamed up with Makers Unite. Their atelier is based in De Hallen, Amsterdam West. They are an amazing company that focuses on inclusivity and sustainability. They provide newcomers training and an opportunity to have a fulfilling job.

Making it last Babies grow fast, they go through 8 sizes in 2 years. This means your baby wears their clothing only for a very short amount of time. Red Orka ensures an item of clothing is optimally used (or even extended) per its lifespan.

Closing the circle This sleeping bag is part of a bigger circular project. After it has kept a lot of babies warm and safe during their sleep it may become unusable. Instead of disposing of it. We are going to recycle the fabric. For us, this means shredding it into small fibers and spinning them into yarn again. We will use this fiber to make new products. That’s the circle of life. 


Textile: 80% Recycled cotton, 20% Lyocell
Bindings: 100% Organic cotton 
Zipper: Recyled ykk zipper 
Labels: 100% Organic cotton 
Stitchings: 100% Organic cotton

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