How to wash baby clothes

A better baby romper is a washed one.

Because who likes a smelly baby?

These washing tips, we hope, will help you keep those rompers looking fresh, while being kind to our planet.

1. Use Baby-friendly detergent

Opt for baby-friendly detergents that are hypoallergenic and dye-free

dressing baby in Red Orka Romper

Strong fragrances, enzymes, brighteners or bleach can cause itchy skin or even certain skin conditions. You might want to look for fragrance-free laundry detergent if your baby has sensitive skin, as it can cause irritation.

2. Go for liquid 

liquid detergents
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Liquid detergents usually dissolve quicker in water, so not much detergent residue will remain on the clothing. This prevents scratchy surprises for your baby's delicate skin. Whatever you use, keep it out of reach from those curious little hands. 

*if clothes feel stiff, scratchy, or there is detergent residue on the clothing, it’s a sign you’ve gone a little wild with using too much detergent. And baby skin is not best friends with too much detergent.

3. Lower your temperature

turning down washing temperature
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It’s good to check the care label for recommended temperatures. However, lower temperatures are the way to go. Modern machines and baby laundry detergents do their job well, so a temperature of maximum 30-40°C is enough to clean the clothes

In fact, hot water might cause the items to shrink, which affects the fiber, so the clothes won’t stay so soft for long. This applies to baby clothing in general, excluding reusable diapers, which require higher heat for thorough cleaning and disinfection.

Turn your machine from 60° to 30° C and use a gentle cycle. Your baby’s clothes will be clean and will maintain their quality over time, and you will also save a lot of energy.

4. Trust the wind

romper drying in the wind

Hanging the rompers to dry, instead of tumbling them is a great option. This helps the clothes stay soft and they won’t wear out quickly. And, by using natural air, you’re saving energy. Again.


  • Use baby-safe detergent and avoid ingredients that are dangerous for your little one’s skin or using too much detergent. 
  • Keep it cool with the temperature, it’s best for the planet and the clothes. â
  • And let the wind do its magic.

Was this helpful? What tips do you have when washing your baby's clothes?

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