Renting Baby Clothing: Ensuring Hygiene for Your Baby

Are rented clothes clean?

This is a question we receive many times, and our answer is yes, we ensure hygiene for your baby. But do not trust anything we say; rather, feel it for yourself. In this article, I'll explain how we do everything we can to offer you the best possible products.

Quality of materials is key

The first thing is to have a great product, one of tremendous quality that can be cleaned  thoroughly, for example, above 90 degrees. But it's also important because hygiene starts with the product. This is why we only offer organic baby clothing made from organic cotton or wool sourced from well-treated sheep.

No chemicals around your baby's skin

A baby's skin is precious and vulnerable. The skin is breathable, meaning it inhales and exhales. When it inhales, you don't want it to be inhaling chemicals. Most baby clothing is made from conventional cotton, which involves the use of pesticides. We don't want your baby to inhale such toxic chemicals, which is why all our clothing is made from organic cotton.
baby romper

Highly effective washing process

This is one aspect of renting baby clothing. The product itself is important, but we also use a highly effective washing process to thoroughly clean the garments your baby might wear. We work together with Fornet, a bio washing facility in Amsterdam Zuid run by our friend Leon. Leon and his team have an amazing setup of machines suitable for wool, cotton, silk, polyester, and even sneakers.

Biodegradable detergents, high washing temperature

They clean the most expensive suits for people and also our clothing. They use 100% biodegradable detergents and non-carcinogenic solvents that are environmentally friendly and save 90% of microplastics.
Most importantly, they are professionals in washing. With our quality products, they can remove every stain, and through the heat of the washing process, you can be assured that no harmful material remains in the clothing, you rent 100% hygienic baby clothes.

Here at Red Orka, we proudly claim that we offer baby clothes that are definitely more hygienic than those offered by fast fashion retailers. Don't be shy and give us a try :)

Much love,
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