Sustainability Certificates Worth Knowing

Certificate jungle. 

Yes we understand there is so much going on. With all knowledge about the negative impact of the clothing industry, there are more and more certificates popping up. 

Here we are going to break down on a few of them and why we chose and them. Let’s start.


Maybe the most common one, GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard, meaning this certificate can only apply to products that are organic. The great thing about it is that they also imply working conditions. The fashion industry has been also one of the industries that has been built on the back of people. Given the industry's history of labor exploitation, addressing humanitarian aspects is crucial.

Our own rompers are of course also GOTS certified.

2. Fair Trade

Similar to GOTS, Fair Trade certification focuses on developing countries. It is essential to have the Fair Trade label when sourcing cotton from regions like Somalia or Bangladesh. This certification guarantees that cotton farmers and everyone involved in the production chain are paid fairly. Moreover, it also ensures the use of organic materials.


3. Fair Wear Foundation

As a relatively new certification, the Fair Wear Foundation places significant emphasis on human rights. Our brand, Mini Rodini, proudly holds this certification.They make sure to have great production standards and fair wages for those involved in creating your clothing.

4. B-Corp

This label is in some countries the most known certification and it implies not only to use materials that do not harm the environment, but they want to have sustainability, and not profits as the priority of a companyB-Corp also evaluates social structures, such as employee safety.

This certification is not only for fashion but also for food and other industries. It’s mainly known by the company Patagonia

Every brand has its own unique approach to sustainability, and while the certifications we've discussed are important to us, they're not the only factors to consider when making sustainable purchases. Some companies without specific certifications may still do a great job upholding exceptional ethical practices and values. By simply talking with them about their product one can gain so much information. 

I hope we were able to enlighten you a little bit about the very few certifications which we think are important and please send us a message if you would like to know more. 



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