1. Choose your favorite items from our webshop

    2. All prices are recurring per month

    3. Make your payment with IDEAL

    4. Orders placed before 15.00 will be shipped the same day


    1. Through PostNL you will receive your order in a re-usable packaging from Re-Pack

    2. Fold the Re-Pack to make a tiny package and store it (you'll need it later to swap items)

  • USE

    1. Enjoy and love the beautiful and sustainable babywear!

    2. Let your little one explore the world in soft and non-toxic babywear. Use the items with respect but please, don't worry if they get dirty. Life is messy.

    3. If we find that an clothing item is handeled without care or respect and is broken, we will charge an applicable amount.

    4. The minimum rental time is two months. This way, we can sustain ourselves financially, and continue standing for our mission.

  • SWAP

    1. Click "I want to swap" button in the header of the website (the top right)

    2. Choose the products you want to swap and receive a shipping label via email (your payment will stop until you order new items)

    3. Fill the Re-Pack with the items you want to return, attach the shipping label visibly and secure the package

    4. Send it back to us within 5 days

    5. Choose your favorite items from the webshop and make a new order And the cycle continues!

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