Buying baby clothes vs Renting baby clothes

baby clothing
As a parent, what is good to do? what is easiest to do when it comes to clothes? There are so many ways of consuming them. So many things we know. We know by now that the fashion industry is polluting. That it has a negative impact on the world. But we can't avoid fashion. And we shouldn’t. What are the requirements we have towards clothing?
Clothing should be safe, warm in the winter, protecting from the cold and in the summer it should save your little one from getting burned in the sun. We’d like the clothes to be comfortable, so they explore their own beautiful body and also the world. It should support the first steps and the first fall. The first bite as well as the first vomit. They should look good and feel good on the baby. 
We all know babies grow fast, and that we will get clothing from friends and family. But what if the clothes that have been handed down are not for the right season or not what you like? What if you don't have the luxury of having friends and family with babies in the first place?
Well, would it make sense for me to buy baby clothes that are new or should I look at baby clothing rental?
What are the possibilities?
What are the pros and cons(of course we only compare sustainable options, fast fashion is not included). 

Buying baby clothes that are new:




  • Fresh new clothing, great look

  • Good quality

  • Easy to purchase

  • High investment

  • Takes time & effort to re-sell 

  • Storage space



Buying second hand baby clothing:



  • Relatively little money


  • Sustainable, since they will be re-purposed

  • Time consuming to find right fit

  • Online, like on Vinted, most items are shipped single = lots more shipping costs

  • Takes time & effort to resell 

  • Storage space



Baby clothing rental:



  • Relatively little money needed

  • Sustainable collection

  • Easy to adapt the wardrobe to season and size

  • No storage needed; no need to worry about reselling.

  • Nothing… (little jokes) 


  • Clothing is gone after having an emotional connection with an item; can't be kept as memories.

(See how renting works


There are many pros and cons on different ways of consuming baby clothing, but at the end of the day, it really comes down to what is important to you, what you want and need.


Anyway, we are very happy to assist you if you have any questions about how it works to rent clothing. 


Much love, 

Papa Orka 


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