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Nuca Pants

Nuca Pants


Normale prijs €6,95 EUR / Month
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- Enjoy and love beautiful and sustainable babywear!

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Here are the values underlying your new favorite baby pants:


Unused T-shirts were re-purposed into these beautiful baby pants.

We have partnered with ReBlend -an agency focused on creating a circular system within the fashion industry- for this innovative project, to look at production in a different way.

Sometimes, deadstock material is difficult to use for creating big  items and different shapes. However, baby products are small. So they are perfect for being produced out of deadstock, helping us close the loop.

Local and social production

This project prioritized local clothing production by working with Dutch parties. 

The pants are locally produced by MADE HERE in Amsterdam - a trusted atelier that provides a safe and fair work environment. Afterward, the pants were dyed in 's Hertogenbosch by Klerezooi.

Closing the loop

The pants are designed to be long-lasting, and after their useful lifetime- easily recyclable.

They are naturally dyed with locally grown walnuts for a beige-brownish color. This method only uses natural and safe materials that are not harmful to the environment during wear, washing, and recycling.

Retail price: € 65.00

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